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About me

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There is nothing that gives me greater joy than to share what I know about the human voice and to help others find vocal freedom.

I support BLACK LIVES MATTER.  Racism in any form should never be tolerated.  I am listening to the voices of Black people in order to act with greater understanding and compassion for social justice.


I am a vocal coach and Fitzmaurice Voicework Associate Teacher in Salt Lake City with years of experience helping people to gain ease, expressiveness and freedom when speaking or singing.


My background is in theatre, art, and communication, working as an actor, filmmaker, teacher, and medical speech therapist (working in hospitals with patients with aphasia, TBI, dysphagia, as well as voice disorders) and I have performed in San Francisco Bay Area theatres, taught video production at Westminster College, voice and accent modification at University of Utah, and have had performances/film shows locally at the Salt Lake Art Center and Art Barn.  Prior to the pandemic, I performed regularly with the band SINGING WITH UKES through Heart & Soul Organization and now provide virtual "Singing Telegrams", virtual shows and courtyard concerts through Heart & Soul.  I lead CHOIR! CHOIR! SLC! a drop-in community choir (previously at Mindful Yoga Collective - right now we have a monthly virtual sing-along on Zoom), have sung in local choirs, and teach voice through the University of Utah's OSHER Program.


What I bring to vocal training is a rich variety of techniques from the performing arts* as well as from voice therapy, combining art and science.  I can help you to expand the range and clarity of your voice, in a healthy way, while providing you with tools to increase presence and breath management for more powerful and vibrant communication.

Stacey Cole


MFA, MS  University of Utah

Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework

Member, Natural Voice Network

OSHER Instructor, University of Utah


*Voice Training: Catherine Fitzmaurice, Arthur Lessac, Kristen Linklater, Patsy Rodenberg, Linda Wise, Frankie Armstrong

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