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Individual Voice Sessions

currently via Zoom and FaceTime

Speaking Voice


For Actors, Teachers, Business Professionals and anyone who would  like to work on their speaking voice.  Improve presence and clarity; integrate breath, voice and body to communicate with more depth and authenticity, whether you're presenting in a meeting, classroom, or onstage.



Resonance training, pitch expansion, navigating passagios, volume control, breath freedom and management. Transform stress and stage fright into positive energy and connect with your audience.

Transgender and Non-Binary Vocal Coaching


The human voice is an instrument that you can develop and learn to play, in diverse ways.  We are not "stuck" with just one type of voice. 

I will provide you with tools and techniques for developing your voice, so that you can express yourself with greater range, freedom and authenticity, in a variety of situations and settings. 

Accent Modification


Learn to speak with a General American Accent.  I provide 1:1 individualized training for Non-Native English speakers and for people with regional accents/dialects.  While I personally love accents/dialects and appreciate the sounds that result from "linguistic transfer" (from one language to another), I understand that there are circumstances when speaking with a General American Accent is useful and can greatly improve communication. 

Everyone can sing -
It's just a matter of encouragement and opportunity!

Fitzmaurice Voicework


A comprehensive and holistic approach to voice training that is taught in acting schools, studios, workshops, and private lessons throughout the United States and world.  Fitzmauirce Voicework® uses yoga-based positions with autonomic nervous system tremoring to release habitual muscular tensions in the body in order to free the breath and creatively fuel the voice. This is a full-bodied experiential approach to voice, influenced by several somatic and healing modalities including Feldenkrais, Mindfulness meditation, and Reiki.  For actors, Fitzmaurice Voicework® facilitates the connection of voice to the breath, body and emotional life of the character.

For more information:

Singing with Ukulele!


For ukulele players of all levels:  Improve and coordinate your singing and performance style, while playing the ukulele.  You'll also learn how to develop vocal harmony, using your uke as a guide!

Group Singing Opportunities


Currently, during nice weather, we are offering outdoor singing events.  We also provide Virtual Sing-Alongs once a month via Zoom (all free of charge). See EVENTS section and email me if you'd like to receive information and join us.

CHOIR! CHOIR! SLC! is a drop-in community choir inspired by the Natural Voice movement in the UK and the singing phenomenon CHOIR! CHOIR! CHOIR! in Toronto, Canada.  We have been singing together for over 5 years.  Inclusive and welcoming. LGBTQ+ friendly.  There is no audition and no need to read music because everything is taught by ear.  


I teach courses and lead outdoor sing a-longs and song circles.  Repertoire ranges from 20th C pop and folk, to spirited songs from around the world (African countries, Balkans, Celtic...) for community building, celebrations, and political action. Great way to share music, inspire and connect with others! 


All voices welcome - from shy shower singers to experienced vocalists.  Fun and relaxed.

Workshops for Shy Singers are listed in Events.


For rates and more information contact Stacey

For rates and scheduling please contact Stacey

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